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Invest in loans with an expected net return of around 6 – 8% *. Also, lend money to companies and invest in the future.

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  • Expected net return
    from around 6 – 8% *
  • Receive monthly interest and repayment
  • Register for free & invest from € 100
  • Invest in established companies

* Average annual expected net return (after deduction of service fee, losses (defaults) and before potential taxes) based on loans provided by Funding Circle in 2017.

Investors cannot derive any rights from the returns displayed. Previously achieved results offer no guarantee for the future. By lending to companies, you run the risk of losing (part of) your investment. Your own return may be higher or lower, depending on the spread and performance of your personal portfolio.

Get more out of your money by lending it to companies!

Your investment can yield more than just an attractive return. You can make a difference for many hardworking entrepreneurs.

Through our crowdfunding platform you can lend money to the baker in your street or to the steel plant elsewhere in the Netherlands. You only invest in companies that have been active for at least 2 years and thereby support the entrepreneurs who work hard to make their business a success.

More than 68,000 entrepreneurs worldwide have been able to realize their plans through Funding Circle with the help of 90,000 investors.

If you follow the correct rules, you can count on good returns Julius Heyning ,
Investor at Funding Circle

Invest quickly and easily

Our platform offers you access to ease of use, expert customer service and attractive returns *. We make it possible for you to easily and quickly lend money to companies.

  1. Register for free

    Creating an account is free and easy.

  2. Choose what you want to invest in

    Choose what you want to invest in

    Choose for yourself which company you want to lend money to, starting at € 100.

  3. Receive monthly interest and repayment

    Receive monthly interest and repayment

    The payment is automatically transferred to your Viola account.

Ongoing crowdfunding projects

Get free access to our crowdfunding platform and choose which projects you want to invest in. You can register as an investor free of charge and without obligation.

View all projects  Funding Circle not only offers a good return for investors, they also have the most projects, so you can really put together your own portfolio.

For those who want more

More chances

Of all Dutch crowdfunding sites, we offer the majority of projects **. Almost every day new projects appear on our platform in which you can invest.

More impact

You only lend money to companies that have been active for at least 2 years. With the help of your investment the plans of small and medium-sized companies can be realized.

More transparency

More transparency

We strongly support transparency in the crowdfunding market. You can consult our statistics yourself at any time.

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Limit risk

Through our platform you can only lend money to Dutch companies that have been active for at least two years and have completed our rigorous credit assessment process. It is important to know that there is a chance that some of these companies cannot fully repay their loans. The probability of such a bad debt is included in the interest rates applied by us.

By spreading your investments as much as possible, the risks of investing can be limited. Spreading investments is also called diversification. This can be done across different risk classes and durations as well as across various sectors.

Good example of diversification:

By evenly distributing your total investment of € 10,000 over 100 projects, any default will have considerably less impact on your final return.

Error example diversification:

By distributing your total investment of € 10,000 evenly over 2 projects, any default by one company has a significant impact on your final return.

10000 euro

AFM guideline

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) advises consumers to invest a responsible part of their assets in crowdfunding and to spread this across multiple projects. As a guideline, it uses a maximum of 10% of the freely investable assets.

Strict credit assessment

Our expert analysts use information provided by the borrower for each credit assessment, as well as information from third parties (for example BKR, KvK, Kadaster, Graydon and Focum). More than 200 employees worldwide are involved in assessing credit applications. In the Netherlands, more than 20 employees are involved in credit assessments.

Collections and Recovery

If a company is unable to repay part of its loan, our collections and recovery department will provide a quick and fair solution. Both for the investor and the borrower.

Backup servicer

Backup servicer

In an extreme situation that Funding Circle Nederland BV can no longer meet its obligations, colleagues from Germany, the United Kingdom and even the United States can immediately step in to guarantee the continuity of business operations. If even this is not possible, we have concluded an agreement with a so-called back-up service provider. A back-up servicer takes over all work with regard to borrowers and investors, in the unlikely event that we could not do that ourselves.