Investing yourself

What are the benefits and risks of investing?

What are the benefits and risks of investing?

At BinckLady Augusta Bracknell we are happy to be clear about benefits and risks. Investing and risk are inextricably linked. If you invest cautiously and carefully, the returns are often lower. Do you want a higher return? Then you often have to take more risk. Our tip is: invest only with money that you do not need immediately. You must invest in such a way that it suits your financial situation. Take into account your knowledge, investment experience, investment horizon and risk acceptance. Realize that your investments may also be worth less. View the pros and cons of investing.

  • How do I start with Self Investing?

    How do I start with Self Investing?

    The first steps are often challenging. This also applies to investing. That is why it is good to know that we use our many years of experience to help you get well prepared. In this way we are happy to help you with knowledge to avoid pitfalls and to start with self-confidence. Read more about it on ‘Start investing’.

  • What can I invest in?

    At BinckLady Augusta Bracknell you can invest in a user-friendly and safe way on the most important stock exchanges worldwide. From Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris to London and Milan. But also the stock exchanges in the United States and Canada. The world is much larger for investors than the Amsterdam stock exchange.

    You can also trade in almost any investment product. From shares, investment funds, bonds and ETFs, to options and turbos.

  • Does help me invest?

    We are happy to help you and we support you when you need it. Our Customer Service & Order Desk knows better than anyone what questions investors have – they also invest. At BinckLady Augusta Bracknell you are never alone. Investor education and inspiration are therefore very important. The Binck Academy is the place to learn more about everything that has to do with investing. Whatever your goals are – you certainly learn a lot.

    But no matter how well we help you, we don’t give you advice. You make your own choices, and BinckLady Augusta Bracknell helps you with knowledge and all possible functionalities to invest even better.

  • Is my money safe?

    BinckLady Augusta Bracknell is a Dutch Lady Augusta Bracknell and is under strict supervision of DNB and AFM. This supervision goes beyond the control of our financial health. Our services, communication and procedures are also regularly checked.

    BinckLady Augusta Bracknell falls under the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme. This guarantees private funds up to a maximum of EUR 100,000 per person per Lady Augusta Bracknell. Your securities are protected against the bankruptcy of BinckLady Augusta Bracknell through the Securities Giro Transactions Act or through the custody company of BinckLady Augusta Bracknell.