Real estate credit for civil servant: hospital, territorial, national education

To benefit from the best real estate credit conditions granted to public servants , it is necessary to orient the negotiation in three directions in order to:

  1. Know and appreciate the services offered by your mutual in terms of guarantee and insurance borrower.
  2. Know and select specific banking offers for employees of the public service.
  3. Know and verify that there are agreements between your mutual and the selected bank.

You will find below all the information that will allow you to benefit from all the advantages in terms of real estate credit related to your status of civil servant.

Mutual guarantee of officials

This is an essential step in the negotiation. If you are a member of a mutual insurance company, you will benefit under certain conditions from many advantages.

However, it is necessary to check the attribution rules of the mutual guarantor. This one does not give its agreement in a systematic way. Some of them fix, for example, conditions of contribution and of debt ratio, others analyze the “remainder to live. It is not always easy to see clearly.

Some examples of suretyship

The Acquisition surety, for the National Education staff

If you are employees of the National Education, you can benefit from the deposit MGEN provided that the housing is not intended for the rental. The guarantee can be up to € 550,000 and covers all repayable loans as well as bridging loans and the zero interest loan, up to a term of 30 years.

You must respect conditions of age, insurance, indebtedness but also personal contribution. If you borrow more than 130,000 euros, you must have a contribution of 10 to 20% depending on the type of acquisition.

The bond, for hospital staff

Your Mutual MNH (National Mutual Hospital), can guarantee all loans except loans in fine (except loans relay). The object of the acquisition may be the rental investment if it is not realized as part of a tax-free operation.

The deposit can go up to 600 000 euros, but you will have to respect conditions of “rest to live” and of contribution which depends on the age, the Mutual of the hospital staff guaranteeing more easily a mortgage to the young active.

The solidarity guarantee, for the staff of the Police

The MGP deposit is limited to 76,225 euros (152,450 euros if the co-borrower is a member) but beyond that, you can benefit from the MF Prévoyance surety, the Mutualité Publique which guarantees the real estate credit to the police officers members of the MGP, up to 600 000 €.
The contribution conditions depend on the age of the borrower and can go up to 5% excluding notary fees.

Delegate insurance to your mutual

Members of a public service mutual can benefit from particularly competitive borrower insurance rates. Contracts are generally very well placed in terms of collateral and are often cheaper than those offered by banks. They are an interesting economic alternative.

GOOD TO KNOW : since the LAGARDE reform, banks are more willing to accept borrowers to provide external insurance when the guarantees are equivalent to those of the group contract, which is always the case when it comes to contracts. Mutuals.

Finally, if you are in the gendarmerie or the army, we advise you to read our financial file on the loans for gendarmes or military. We address all aspects related to the specificity of these professions.

The official loan

The official loan is a specific loan that provides little benefit to the extent that the proposed rate is much higher than those offered by the market. It is intended for borrowers meeting the following conditions:

  • Beneficiaries of a loan PAS or agreement
  • Acquisition of a home in the new or old that will become the main residence within one year after purchase (reduced to 6 months if the purchase is made at the time of retirement).

The repayment is made over a period of 10 to 15 years. However, the loan can be smoothed with other credits that contribute to the financing of the property.

The interest rate for 2011 is 7%, but state officials of public institutions benefit from a rate reduced to 4% in the first four years with possibility of a partial deductible.

IMPORTANT : If you later decide to rent the unit, the official loan interest rate will increase to 9.75%.

However, you benefit from free registration and guarantee fees.

GOOD TO KNOW : only the land credit offers this type of loan.MONTANT OFFICIAL LOAN

Number of rooms Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
1 1 585,47 € 1,402.53 € 1,219.59 €
2 1 981,84 € 1,753.16 € 1,524.49 €
3 2 € 286.74 € 2 012.33 € 1 768.41
4 2 698.35 € 2 393.45 € 2 088.55 €
5 3 155.69 € 2 789, 82 € 2 423, 94 €
6 € 3,506.33 € 3,109.96 € 2,698, 35 €
7 3 887,45 € 3,414.86 € 2,972.76 €
Zone 1: Paris and the Paris region
Zone 2: Agglomerations of more than 100,000 inhabitants
Zone 3: Rest of the territory

Other soft loans

If you meet the definition of first-time buyer and if the subject of your application concerns the acquisition of your principal residence, you will be able to benefit from subsidized supplementary loans.

The zero interest loan

zero interest loan

The new enhanced zero rate loan replaced the old scheme on 1 January 2011. It now allows all civil servants to benefit from a 0% credit, regardless of their level of income.

The amount of the PTZ depends both on the number of people living in the household and the energy quality of the dwelling. Thus, if you buy in the old, it will be taken into account the result of energy performance diagnosis. In case of acquisition in the new, it will be taken into account obtaining the label BBC (Low Consumption Building).


Like the government loan, the Social Accession Loan (SIP) does not offer any special advantages as it is higher than market rates. Its only interest is to give the borrower the opportunity to benefit from the Personalized Housing Assistance (APL).

Housing Savings Loans

Housing Savings Loans

There is a distinction to be made between ELP and CEL. If it is an ELP, check according to the date on which you bought it the interest rate provided for in the contract. But it is likely that it will be higher than the rates proposed at the moment.

The employer loan

employer loan,cash

As a civil servant, you can not benefit from the employer loan unless your spouse is a private sector employee and works in a business with more than 10 employees.
The new housing loan

The EDF loan

The EDF loan

EDF is offering a loan ranging from € 3,000 to € 15,000 if you have a new BBC 2005 or THPE 2005 registered house built, that is to say if your home reaches a high level of energy performance.