The Personal Payday Loan

Lodinium Credit is a personal payday loan that Medifort Bank issues thanks to the agreement signed with Bankate which guarantees an exclusive reserved offer for its customers. This is a personal payday loan payable up to 30,000 euros (but exceptions are allowed as we will see later), reserved for Medifort Bank customers: it is in fact necessary to have at least one simple current account with the institution, while it is not necessary to have any other current account financial products. Since it is a personal payday loan, no document is required for the purpose of expenditure: it will come into possession of the capital and can be used at will.

Characteristics of the Lodinium Credit personal payday loan

Characteristics of the Mediolanum Credit personal loan

As mentioned, Lodinium credit can be disbursed for a maximum amount of 30,000 euros, with a minimum of 1,500, but with exceptions if the purpose of the loan falls within some possible options; Let’s see:
– loan for consolidation of pre-existing debts, ie loans made to other banks or financial institutions for which repayment is in progress (all payments must be in order). In this case the minimum and maximum limits pass, respectively, to 7,500 euros and 50,000 euros. Loans that can be consolidated with Lodinium Credit can be a maximum of four.
– loan for home renovation or small real estate purchases, specifically declared by the customer, which allow the raising of the maximum limit from 30,000 to 50,000 euros.
Depending on the amount requested and the customer’s needs, the duration of the loan ranges from 12 months to 10 years. The installments are on a monthly basis and are due on the first or the 15th day from the month following the loan.
The tan is not explicitly declared before the budget (but regularly communicated in the contract proposal) and, based on some simulations, it should be around 6%. The taeg is charged as a higher cost with the one related to the preliminary investigation costs, which can be, at most, equal to 300 euros.
The installments can be paid either by direct debit in the current account or, if you prefer, by postal bulletins.
The loan can be combined with the CPI (Creditor Protector Insurance), which is life insurance, accident insurance, loss of work of the obligor.
The payment is made by bank transfer to the applicant’s bank account within 24 hours of signing the contract.

Who can request Lodinium Credit

Who can request Mediolanum Credit

The loan can be requested by EU and non-EU citizens by submitting personal documents (valid identity card, driving license, passport), tax (fiscal code), income, based on the type of activity Richiedente of the applicant (pay slip for employees, pension slip for pensioners, last UnitCred form for self-employed and freelance workers).